Workplace Wellness Solutions

A healthy workforce is essential for our local economy, as well as for building healthy, happy families.  Wellness Solutions is an employer-based option for accessing confidential counseling for employees and their families.  It’s important for area employers to have access to services such as counseling and drug testing when their employees experience mental health or substance use problems.


Through Wellness Solutions, employees —and each of their family members— have access to four free counseling sessions per year.    We’ve helped employees work through stress-related problems at work and at home by talking about what’s going on and searching for solutions.  We teach new coping skills, and people gain insight just by talking about it out loud with a professional helper.  When people set goals and break it down in small steps, they can experience change pretty quickly—in just three or four sessions.

Staff trainings are also offered, designed to promote health and wellness.  Current training topics include: 

  • Life/Work Balance
  • Workplace Boundaries
  • Developing a Positive Attitude
  • Stress Management

For more information about enrolling in Wellness Solutions, contact Paul Sedillo, Executive Director of PFP/WW, (719) 383-5439.

Emergency Services Available 24/7 - Stop & Call - 800-511-5446

TTY/TDD: 711 or 800-659-2656