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2020 Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council's Golden Light Bulb Award: Pain Management Program

2017 Action 22's Innovative Solutions Award: Peer Support Program

2017 Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council's Golden Lightbulb Award: Peer Support Program

2013 National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare's Impact Award of Excellence: Summer Jam Program

2012 Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Health Care's Innovation Award

2011 Value Options' Encounter Data Report Card: State mental health billing data quality

2010 National Rural Alcohol and Drug Abuse Network's Harold E. Hughes Award of Excellence: Partnership for Progress

2010 Colorado First Lady Jeannie Ritter's Behavioral Healthcare Champion: Bob Whaley

2008 Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council's Golden Abacus Award: Staff Orientation/Retention

2004 Timothy J. Coakley Leadership Award

2003 American Psychiatric Association's Psychiatric Services Silver Award

2003 Rep. Scott McInnis' Proclamation on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives

2002 Eli Lilly’s Reintegration Award

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