RAC (Regional Assessment Center)


Withdrawal Management Unit (WMU)

Admits individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or other substances who demonstrate a clear need for monitoring, withdrawal, or emergency/involuntary commitment, or anyone requesting voluntary admission due to safety concerns or expressing a desire to seek treatment as appropriate. Individuals who are experiencing any behavioral health symptoms while intoxicated can be admitted.


Transitional Residential Treatment Unit (TRT)

Only admits patients 18 years and older whose needs can be met by the facility within its licensure category. The facility’s ability to meet patients’ needs is determined by a comprehensive pre-admission assessment of the patient’s physical health, mental health, substance use, social needs, preferences and capacity for self-care. The patient’s history of chronic substance use disorders, lack of functional and supportive living situations, possible unemployment, levels of social or psychological dysfunction and lack of housing are also taken into consideration when determining necessity for residential treatment. Individuals are required to complete 5 hours of weekly outpatient substance use disorder treatment with Southeast Health Group.  Other services offered are crisis management, stabilization services, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, care coordination, withdrawal management, medication management, case management, vocational programs, and skills training groups.


Mobile Crisis Services

Complete face-to-face crisis evaluations for those experiencing the following: Crisis intervention, Suicide prevention, Substance use evaluation, Assessment and referral consultations and Involuntary 72-hour evaluation and treatment.

Crisis Services - Available 24/7/365

If you are in crisis, please call: 800-511-5446 (Local)

844-493-8255 (Statewide) or text TALK to 38255

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