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Southeast Health Group to Expand Outpatient Services in Rocky Ford

Southeast Health Group recently purchased 400 N. Main Street in Rocky Ford to expand outpatient services in the area after the community expressed concerns of homelessness and substance use within their community.

Southeast Health Group recently purchased 400 N. Main Street to expand outpatient services in the Rocky Ford area after hearing concerns from residents about the visible increase in substance use in city limits. The expansion is still in the early stages of planning, but will add to the services SHG has been offering at 404 N. Main since 2014.

“As a safety net provider to the community, our number one job is to listen to and respond to the needs of the community,” Dr. JC Carrica, SHG Chief Executive Officer, said. “If there are people unable to make it to our La Junta campus, we will bring our services to them.”

Community concerns include increased substance use and homelessness, food insecurity, access to basic personal care and more. Duane Gurulé, Southeast Colorado Community Organizer for The Colorado Trust, sees this expansion as a valuable asset for the community.

“I get a unique perspective on this project. Not only do I work full-time for a foundation committed to ensuring quality lives of Coloradans, I also sit on the SHG Board of Directors, which afforded me the opportunity of seeing the roots of this expansion. Many people take for granted resources that make living a ‘normal’ life possible, like internet access, affordable child care, or the access to basic hygiene needs. While the plans are still in the works, SHG is trying to help in addressing these basic human needs, and that is what our community needs,” Gurulé said.

Currently, the building is set to play host to a variety of health care professionals, case workers, and peers to offer services to residents in need of any level of support, from access to the internet and help in applying for a job, to substance use counseling. As construction continues, services will continue to expand, with ideas like child care for health care providers, increased support for law enforcement and EMS personnel, and other ideas all being considered.

Jeremy Muth, a Rocky Ford community member, also expressed support for the project.

By addressing basic human needs and offering a wide range of outpatient support, SHG hopes the 400 N. Main location will compliment other efforts in the area being put forward to reduce hunger, homelessness, and substance use within the city.


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