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Southeast Health Group’s Pain Management Program Earns Award

Southeast Health Group’s Pain Management Program recently earned the Golden Light Bulb award on behalf of the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council. The Golden Lightbulb Award is awarded annually by CBHC to a project, methodology, system or procedure that demonstrates “best practices” in a clinical area.

Aleala Bickel, a Physical Therapy Assistant and head of the Pain Management Program for Southeast Health Group, said the program was developed to help participants manage chronic pain through alternative methods like physical therapy, pain management therapy, and OpiSafe, a web-based tool designed to engage patients and their providers in safe opioid use.

“This program has been very rewarding to build and be a part of,” Bickel said. “One client that really stands out to me as successful, thanks to this program, was very active prior to multiple injuries, which resulted in her needing a total of eight back surgeries. Between those surgeries, medication, injections, and a variety of other attempts, she still couldn’t seem to get rid of her back pain. She was very skeptical when she first began my class.”

Bickel further explained that this client began cupping, personal training, and a few other methods through the program, and now a year and four months later, she has been able to work a part-time job, exercise, and overall regain a lot of her life that she thought had been forever lost to the pain.

Other methods included in the Pain Management Program include AcuDetox, massage, dry needling, kinesiology taping, gym membership, chiropractic, and hydrotherapy.

“This program has so much to offer, but takes a lot of teamwork to help our clients achieve their goals. I am grateful to my coworkers who have been a part of the process since the beginning. We want to thank CBHC for the recognition of our program through this award,” Bickel said.

Dr. JC Carrica, CBHC President and Chief Executive Officer of SHG, expressed pride in his team’s innovation and commitment to continually seek new ways to help people.

“I always look forward to the Golden Light Bulb Award nominations,” Carrica stated. “It is inspiring to see the progress our state has made in behavioral health, and that change is a direct result of the people behind the scenes, constantly seeking to overcome barriers. I was excited to present this award, regardless of which center won, but having the selection committee choose someone on my team is that much more rewarding.”

For more information on the pain management program, contact SHG at 800-511-5446 or visit


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