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Southeast Health Group Rearranges Job Duties to Support the Community

Southeast Health Group continues to operate as normally as possible through virtual platforms in order to continue serving the community in a variety of capacities. Employees who are unable to continue their regular job duties have been encouraged to volunteer their time to other causes in the community.

“We know the economic impact of this pandemic has already been devastating to many,” Dr. JC Carrica, Chief Executive Officer said. “However, at SHG, we’ve built a culture of stability and we were determined not to lay anyone off. As the community’s safety net provider, it made the most sense for us to deploy our staff members to volunteer in the community, anywhere they could be useful at a safe physical distance or through virtual platforms.”

Some of the volunteer efforts SHG staff have taken on include assisting the Otero County Health Department, supporting the Emergency Operations Center, delivering food to families in need, and setting up a support line for community members struggling with the stay-at-home order in any way.

Carrica explained that those who could not perform regular job duties currently were asked to submit a proposal on where they would like to devote their time, and check in weekly with updates on their efforts.

“Everyone was extremely willing to volunteer, and came up with some really creative ways to support our community through this crisis. It has been exciting to see everyone come together and help each other out, and I think it says a lot about the character of our employees,” Carrica said.

Currently, all SHG locations are closed to the public. Some employees are working from home as available, and others are maintaining distance in personal offices, and avoiding congregating in shared spaces. Services are continuing as normally as possible through phone and HIPAA-compliant video chat.

If you or someone you know operate a non-profit, educational, or ministerial alliance entity that could benefit from a virtual volunteer, or have volunteer opportunities that support safe physical distancing, please call SHG at 800-511-5446 and ask for Jennifer Pollmiller.

To access the community support line, call 719-383-5454 or 719-691-6033.

For more information, visit, follow SHG on social media, or call 800-511-5446.


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