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Southeast Health Group Establishes Sober Living Facility

Southeast Health Group recently purchased and placed an eight-bed duplex on their main campus at 711 Barnes in La Junta to establish a Sober Living Option for people recovering from substance use disorders. The facility was funded by a grant from Signal Behavioral Health Network, and built by indieDwell, an innovative, affordable housing builder in Pueblo. The facility will be self-supported and resident-run, based on the Oxford model of long-term transitional housing.

“Through this project, we will be able to provide a sober living facility for Southeast Colorado residents at an affordable monthly price,” said Paul Sedillo, Executive Director of Southeast Health Group’s Partnership for Progress. “It’s exciting to work with a company that is committed to social causes, while adding another layer of support to SHG’s offerings.”

Sedillo further explained that many people in recovery do not have a steady, safe, or sober home to return to, which may add unnecessary difficulty in maintaining sobriety. This facility will provide individuals with a private bedroom, and shared bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and living room. Residents of the sober living facility will have easy access to SHG’s main facility and peer house in La Junta, even without a means of transportation, as the units are adjoined to the main campus, encouraging continued treatment.

“The sober living facility is a continuum of our other offerings, allowing even further progression of a healthy lifestyle. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from the community, our staff, and our Board of Directors on this project,” Sedillo said.

The duplex is able to house up to eight people at once, and is intended to be used for about six months to a year by residents seeking a safe place to call home. The duplex is projected to open for its first renters later in early 2022.

For more information about Southeast Health Group or the sober living complex, call 800-511-5446.


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