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Single Point Services now under the umbrella of Southeast Health Group

Single Point Services, a local business offering alcohol and location monitoring services, will be owned and operated by Southeast Health Group beginning in December. The business has been owned and operated by George Larsen of La Junta since 2009.

“When the business came up for sale, we felt individuals utilizing Single Point Services would benefit from access to the other services at Southeast Health Group, including our mental health, substance use disorder, and peer support services,” said Paul Sedillo, Chief of Substance Use Disorder Operations for Southeast Health Group. “Having all of these services within one agency allows for warm handoffs from one provider to another.”

Single Point Services will continue to offer the same array of SCRAM monitoring services offered by Larsen. The SCRAM system uses ankle bracelets to conduct 24/7 transdermal alcohol and location monitoring for individuals who are required by the court for pre-trial or post-sentencing purposes. This type of court order is common in DUI cases, domestic violence, juvenile cases, and crimes in which alcohol is a contributing factor. The monitoring device allows individuals to stay in the community, continue to go to work or school, and care for their families.

“The SCRAM bracelet is a tool that helps individuals maintain compliance with court orders and bond conditions, and can be a support for clients trying to make positive changes in their lives,” said Sedillo. “We want to see people succeed and move on with their lives in a healthy, productive way. This tool can help them do that.”

For more information about the SCRAM program, contact Paul Sedillo at 800-511-5446.


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