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Rocky Ford Expansions Efforts Progress for Southeast Health Group

Southeast Health Group recently announced an expansion of Rocky Ford outpatient services, an effort that has progressed over the last few months in response to community concerns. Most notably, the renovations to the SHG Rocky Ford expansion include renovating 957 Swink Ave. to accommodate Peer 404, as well as reroofing the entire complex.

The peer house expansion was made to accommodate the increased traffic, which was overwhelming the small space allotted to peer groups in the original 404 North Main location. While technically the location has moved around the corner, the name will remain Peer 404.

“The larger space brings a whole new set of offerings to Rocky Ford,” Eric Gronemeyer, Peer Specialist Team Lead, said. “Before, we were limited to a single, small room with limited kitchen amenities. Our new location offers larger seating areas, a shower, and room to grow for our peer program.”

Gronemeyer, who has been with SHG for almost six years, is splitting his time between Rocky Ford and La Junta to manage all of his responsibilities, but is excited to see the growth in attendance of the Rocky Ford Peer house.

“We are currently serving eight to 15 community members on a weekly basis, most of which are seeking support and encouragement in their recovery journeys,” Gronemeyer explained.

Aside from support, the new location also offers space for showers, linkage to resources, and some group activities. On average, people spend 30 minutes to an hour in the peer house, with many visitors coming by on a regular basis. The peer house is open to the public every day of the week, from 8 a.m. to noon.

Further improvements will be made to the new location as SHG prepares to offer more services in Rocky Ford. For more information about the Rocky Ford expansion, call Southeast Health Group at 800-511-5446.


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