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Recovery-focused Residential Treatment available in La Junta

Southeast Health Group opened a 6-bed transitional residential treatment (TRT) facility on May 1, 2019 at 721 Barnes Avenue in La Junta. The facility was full within one month, and is keeping a waitlist for people interested in a residential environment that provides treatment, teaches skills and supports recovery.

“It’s tough for people who want to live in active recovery when they are homeless or surrounded by negative influences,” said Paul Sedillo, Chief of Substance Use Disorder Operations for Southeast Health Group. “The new facility gives people a chance to focus on treatment in a more positive, stable environment.”

"The facility is clearly meeting a need that has existed for a long time."

The TRT facility accepts referrals from outpatient SUD service providers, and from the withdrawal management unit (WMU) next door, which helps people who are suicidal, in crisis, and under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Once they are no longer under the influence, residents who are contemplating getting treatment can sign up for a bed in the TRT.

The TRT offers 24/7 care in a double occupancy room with shared bathroom facilities. Residents are expected to attend a minimum of five hours of treatment each week, including individual therapy, group therapy, or peer support services. They also have access to case management and clinical rounds with a registered nurse. Medication assisted treatment is available for people addicted to opiates and alcohol.

“I’m glad to see people taking advantage of this comprehensive level of services,” said Sedillo. “The facility is clearly meeting a need that has existed for a long time.”

For more information, call Southeast Health Group at 800-511-5446.


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