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Kiowa County’s ‘Mind Matters’ Committee Seeks Increased Discussion Around Mental Health

As the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to surface, community members of Kiowa County have come together to increase conversations surrounding mental health. The group has named their efforts Mind Matters.

The community partnership is intended to provide mental health education, support and assistance in finding related resources for the residents of Kiowa County. This cause has been well supported among local businesses and community members, allowing Mind Matters many opportunities to be promoted at different events and locations.

“When approached to join this group, I was excited to join a group of local residents interested in bringing mental health conversations to the table,” Debbie Gooden, a Mind Matters member, said. “The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize mental health and access to care is more important than ever, and being a part of this conversation can help save lives, improve relationships, and contribute to the overall wellbeing of Kiowa County.”

The group has so far hosted two trainings for community members, following the COMET model from High Plains Research Network, which helps people realize the signs of a mental health struggle in a friend or family member, and tips on how to have those hard conversations.

Southeast Health Group is proud to be a part of the Mind Matters committee. For more information about Mind Matters, contact Kailey Meardon, SHG Health Connector, at 719-363-1593 or


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