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Growing our Own Workforce

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The first annual Career Cab, sponsored by the Southeast Colorado Healthcare Sector Partnership, visited Southeast Health Group facilities in La Junta and Lamar in October. Career Cab is a new tool being used to attract, develop, support and retain local young people to create a sustainable pipeline of workers for the future.

Area high school juniors and seniors who are interested in a career in healthcare came to Southeast Health Group to tour the counseling facilities, Wellness Center, the Regional Assessment Center’s withdrawal management unit, and Peer Support programs. They took the opportunity to interview the staff, asking questions about the services we provide and what kind of education it takes to get a similar job at SHG.

“We were thrilled to welcome the young people to our facilities,” said Jeannie Larsen, Chief Human Resources Officer and member of the Partnership. “We have many jobs that they could qualify for right out of high school. We also have access to state and federal student loan reimbursement programs, and an in-house tuition reimbursement program that can help eliminate student debt.”

After the SHG tours, the students went on to other health care provider organizations, such as Valley Wide Health Systems, Evergreen Assisted Living, and the county health departments.

“As service providers, our human resources are our greatest asset,” said Larsen. “If we can grow a local student into a highly-educated, credentialed professional, we see it as a great investment. Some of our happiest employees are the ones who grew up in the area and came back ‘home’ after college to serve our local communities.”

For information about career opportunities at Southeast Health Group, go to


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