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Peer Support Services

Peer Specialists are here for you. We offer a safe and comfortable place for anyone who may be struggling. Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, isolated, or even hopeless? Our Peer Specialists have faced similar challenges in their own lives. They have learned skills to help you in your own recovery. Stop by or give us a call and we will see how we can help.


  • Safe and relaxing environment.

  • Caring nonjudgmental ear and a shoulder to lean on.

  • Peer directed self-help and educational groups.

  • Inspiration and encouragement to help you succeed

  • Help to identify and address barriers to treatment and recovery.

  • Skill building activities around self-confidence, decision making and boundary setting.

  • Role modeling & mentoring focusing on personal growth and recovery.

  • WRAP-Wellness & Recovery Action Plan-setting recovery goals and  the steps to
    achieve those goals.

  • Help connecting with local resources that aid in housing, employment, and other

  • Assistance with building bridges between professionals and individuals to help
    understand one another and build rapport.

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Peer 613 Peer House

613 Barnes Ave in La Junta, CO

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Day 1 Peer House

122 N Main St in Lamar, CO

957 Swink Ave RF__WEBSITE.jpg

Peer 404 Peer House

957 Swink Ave in Rocky Ford, CO

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