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Merger FAQ for Valley-Wide Communities


Join us March 29th, in Eads, for a Community Conversation about merger. Click here to go to Facebook event page!

Q: What is the reason for the merger?

A: Combining the organizations, and their 111 years of combined clinical experience, will be a groundbreaking opportunity to offer our communities the most comprehensive care possible. We aim to be a leader in the advancement of whole-person wellbeing for all, including those underserved and underrepresented in our communities. This will also allow us to help address a health care workforce shortage that is anticipated to last another decade according to some state reports.


Q: Was SHG bought out by Valley-Wide?

A: No, both companies are non-profit organizations, so no money was exchanged. The merger was voted on by both independently operated Boards of Directors, who agreed the opportunity would help in better serving the healthcare needs of all communities served.



Q: Will there still be access to behavioral health services?

A: All services and programs will continue to be offered, including areas not previously served by Valley-Wide (Lamar, Springfield, and Eads). Crisis support and the Regional Assessment Center will continue operating 24/7, 365 days a year, and will continue to be accessible at the same number, 800-511-5446. Valley-Wide is committed to preventing any gaps in services as a result of this merger, and continuing to offer clients the best possible care.



Q: What changes can be expected in the coming months?

A: Beginning in March, Southeast Health Group’s signs will start being replaced with the Valley-Wide logo. Each clinic will be given a specific name to help better identify clinics, especially in areas where multiple Valley-Wide locations may exist.



Q: Will the SHG phone number go away?

A: No, the SHG phone number will remain intact, with someone available to answer 24/7/365. Crisis support service will remain available, with no gaps in services as the merger progresses.



Q: Will all current services and programs at SHG continue?

A: Yes! All programs or services currently offered will continue. All SHG and Valley-Wide offerings will remain, the only difference will be the name of the business, and name of the clinic.



Legal Disclaimer: While this transaction has been described as a “merger”, Valley-Wide Health Systems is actually becoming a member of Southeast Health Group. All entities related and affiliated with Southeast Health Group will continue to exist and operate.

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