Clinician Turnover

Rural and frontier areas across the nation are experiencing staff recruitment issues. Southeast Colorado is federally-designated as a Healthcare Provider Shortage Area (HPSA), which means that Southeast Health Group must recruit both statewide and nationally to bring in qualified employees.  Many of these employees accept jobs in southeast Colorado because they qualify for student loan forgiveness through both the National and Colorado Health Services Corps.  It normally takes a masters-level counselor three years to complete the program, at which time they either move to a place closer to family or the city where they believe more opportunities exist.  SHG has created a professional development program where local, bachelor-level employees can receive financial assistance from SHG to complete their master’s degree or higher.  As part of the program the employee is asked to commit a predetermined number of years back to the agency.  Innovative strategies such as this help us to build longevity and commitment in our workforce.

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