Call 800-511-5446 to contact C-Suite members.

JC Carrica

Dr. Joseph (JC) Carrica, III, Ed.D.

Barry Shioshita

Barry Shioshita, B.S.
Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Carrica

Dr. Jennifer Carrica, Ph.D.
Chief Information Officer

Jeannie Larsen, B.A., P.H.R.
Chief Human Resources Officer


Laura DiPrince, M.S., LPC, NCC
Chief of Mental Health Operations

Paul Sedillo, B.S., CPRP, CACI, NLC
Chief of Substance Use Disorder Operations


Jackie Brown, MSN, APN
Chief of Primary Care Operations

Emergency Services Available 24/7 - Stop & Call - 800-511-5446

TTY/TDD: 711 or 800-659-2656