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Crisis Mental Health - Mental Health Therapy - Wellness - Physical Therapy - Addiction

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Dr. Joseph Carrica III,

The 2021-22 fiscal year was a year of resiliency. We saw the slowly, but surely waning effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and began to discover what the “new normal” meant for ourselves and our families.

It was also a year that the phrase “mental health” began popping up regularly in conversation. It was added to the vocabulary of our elected officials, woven in to the plot lines of our favorite television shows, and generally destigmatized as the world fully began to understand those two small but important words. At Southeast Health Group, we couldn’t be more excited to see this shift, and embraced it across our communities, adding more peer services, making the referral process easier, and doubling down on our efforts to recruit behavioral health providers to serve southeast Colorado.

Message from the CEO

One of the largest undertakings of the year was the renovation of 400 N. Main St. in Rocky Ford to create what we call a Health Services Mall. In addition to our mental health services that were already offered at that location, we have added additional resources, all within walking distance. These services include Peer 404, offering peer support, internet access, groups, and more to the residents of Rocky Ford; a barber and a massage therapist, operating as independent businesses, but willing to work closely with us and our mission; a resource pantry for community members in need of assorting clothing or household items; The Coffee Break Project, a gathering place for farmers, ranchers, and veterans; and finally the T-Shirt Palace, our vocational program, serving as a classroom for clients ready to learn new skills and prepare for a new beginning in the workforce.

In presenting this year’s annual report, I would like to thank the members of our advisory councils, who lent their time, opinions, and access to various resources to SHG to help us better understand the communities they represent. The support of our communities is truly the driving force in the success of our services. Alongside the SHG Board of Directors, and the hardworking SHG staff, a lot was accomplished this year. As always, my door is open to hear your thoughts. -JC

Board of Directors

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149 Total Employees

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Our Mission: Southeast Health Group is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services to the communities of southeastern Colorado.

Service Area Map

04 Service Area Map 2022.png

Mental Health Services Provided

  • 24/7/365 Crisis Services

  • Youth and Adult Respite

  • Individual and Group Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Life Skills Training: youth & adult

  • School Based Services

  • Early Childhood services

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Trauma Focused Treatment

  • Peer Support Services

  • Case Management

  • Personal Finance Group

  • Social Skills Training

  • Anger Management

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • AcuDetox

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Substance Use Disorder Services Provided

  • 24/7/365 Crisis Services

  • Alcohol/Drug/MRT Intakes

  • Substance Use Evaluations

  • DUI Services

  • MIP Services

  • Withdrawal Management unit

  • Transitional Residential Treatment

  • Sober Living in Partnership with Oxford House

  • Healing Trauma of Abuse Curriculum

  • Group Drug & Alcohol Sessions

  • Case Management

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Medication Assisted Treatment

  • Acudetox

  • Advocacy Services

14 RAC 2022 PNG.png

RAC (Regional Assessment Center)

721 Barnes Ave. in La Junta, CO

  • Individual Drug & Alcohol Sessions

  • Co-occurring Group

  • Moral Reconation Therapy (Adults/Minors)

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Strategies for Self-Improvement & Change

  • Skills Training

PC Image__AdobeStock_263085956.jpg

Primary Care Services Provided*

*Provided at our 711 location by Valley-Wide Health Services as of July 1, 2022

  • Preventive Health Care and Wellness Exams

  • Immunizations and/or referrals for those immunizations not available in clinic

  • In House Referrals: Behavioral Health Counseling including Substance Use Disorders & Physical Therapy

  • Medication Assisted Treatment (Suboxone/Vivitrol) for opioid & alcohol addictions

  • Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support (DSMES)

  • Care Coordination with Hospitalists or other Physicians

  • Casting, Splinting, Biopsies, Laceration Repair, Joint Injections

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Treatment, Counseling and/or Referrals

  • Acute Care

  • Sexual Health Counseling

  • Pregnancy Testing, Counseling & Referral

  • Advocacy Services • Birth Control Services

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Specialty Care Referrals

  • Nutrition Coaching

Physical Therapy & Wellness Services Provided

• Restore Function

• Teach Pain Prevention Behaviors

• Prevent Chronic Pain Aggravation

• Restore Flexibility

• Restore Strength

• Restore Balance

• Gait Training

• Acudetox

• Dry Needling

• Hydrotherapy (In House Pool)

• State-of-the-art Equipment

• Personal Training

• Two Hot/Cold Plunge Tubs

• Advocacy Services

PT Image__AdobeStock_267016975.jpg

Peer Services Provided

Providing Encouragement Empowerment and Recovery Support in a Safe Environment​


• Helping individuals identify and address barriers to
   treatment and recovery.

• Safe & Relaxing Environment with a focus on personal
   growth, development and recovery.

• Assistance with addressing life’s challenges help with
   decision making and setting boundaries

• Wellness Planning and Recovery Goal Setting
   Assistance and support to achieve those goals

• Providing Inspiration, Encouragement, Role Modeling
   & Mentoring

• Linkage to Community Resources- public assistance,
   housing, food banks, renters, transportation

• Access to Computers, Shower, Laundry, Phone,
   Bicycle, Sharing Cabinet, Food & Clothing Pantry

• Self Help and Educational Groups– Recovery Support
   Wellness Music Gardening Grief Support
   Communication Self Esteem

• Community Outreach-Holiday Meals & Events Safe
   Fun Social Activities

• Community Support Phone Lines– Peer Support by
   phone offering check in and support calls

• Caring Contact Letters to individuals receiving Crisis

• Peer Support is provided in combination with Co
   Response and Crisis Services

• Peer Support is offered daily for individuals in the
   Regional Assessment Center

• Support and transportation for individuals transferring
   to Psychiatric Hospital / Detox Facility

957 Swink Ave RF__WEBSITE.jpg

Peer 404 Peer House

957 Swink Ave in Rocky Ford, CO

122 N Main St__Web ADJ__06 02 2021.jpg

Day 1 Peer House

122 N Main St in Lamar, CO

613 Barnes Ave__Eric G pic 07 11 2019.jp

Peer 613 Peer House

613 Barnes Ave in La Junta, CO

Vocational Training Services Provided

• Basic Hygiene & Proper Work Attire

• Resume Writing

• Time Card

• Customer Service Skills

• Inventory Skills

• Embroidery Skills

• Screen Printing Skills

• Heat Transfer Skills

• Vinyl Decal Skills

• Workshop Cleaning Skills

• Two Training Locations

• Small Engine Maintenance & Repair Skills

   (Lawn Mowers, Chain Saws, Trimmers, etc.)

Fuller Building Updated.jpeg

Fuller Engine Service

214 Ash Ave. in La Junta, CO


T-shirt Palace

963 Elm Ave. in Rocky Ford, CO

Services Volume

11 Services Volume 2022.png


711 Barnes Ave., La Junta (Wellness Center & Physical Therapy)

721 Barnes Ave., La Junta (WMU, ATU & TRT)

901 W. 3rd St., La Junta (Admin only)

910 W. 3rd St., La Junta (WAGEES House)

613 Barnes Ave., La Junta (Peer Services only)

302 Barnes Ave., La Junta (Admin only)

214 Ash St., La Junta (Fuller Engine Service - Social Enterprise)

100 Kendall Dr., Lamar (Integrated)

117 W. Elm Ave., Lamar (Youth Respite, CHOICES, & Peer Services)

404 N. Main St., Rocky Ford (Integrated)

400 N. Main St., Rocky Ford (Peer Services & Coffee Break Project)

963 Elm Ave., Rocky Ford (T-shirt Palace - Social Enterprise)

220 E. 1st St., Ordway

138 6th St., Las Animas

14833 So. Rittgers Street, Eads

189 East 9th Ave., Springfield

Regional Assessment Center

14 RAC 2022 PNG.png

Withdrawal Management Unit / Acute Treatment Unit

1159 bed days

361 unique individuals served

4.04 day average length of stay

Transitional Residential Treatment

14 RAC 2022 PNG.png

637 total bed days

27 unique individuals served

23.9 day average length of stay


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